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THE CAB CALLOWAY PREMIERE: An Interview with Actress Katrina Chiovon

The Cab Calloway story Is based on a true story of the life of the extraordinary Cab Calloway.

The premiere was at The Quad Cinema Theater in NYC Oct 20th 2023 and was awarded two appreciation awards by the New York City Council.

Cab Calloway III was an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, conductor and dancer. He was associated with the Cotton Club in Harlem, where he was a regular performer and became a popular vocalist of the swing era.

Actress Katrina Chiovon plays Dolly in this new epic biopic and with her background in Dance and theater was definitely a perfect fit. Katrina Chiovon is an award-winning actress who made her first appearance in Friends with Benfits in 2011. Directed by Will Gluck. Since then she has starred in many film such as Margaret, which she won Cult International Film Festival 2022 for best actress, Violette, which she won Astoria film festival in 2020 along with numerous television shows. She recently signed on for season three of the Star Trek animation show where she does the voiceover for six characters. With her proffesional dance experience she also excels in a numerous amount of action training, such as combat, stunts, Bo staff, dance and choreography. She often appears on covers of magazines and is a widely known influencer, recognizably most influencential of 2022 who often suppports a numerous amount of charity organizations, volunteering regularly and supporting a list of non for profits and causes. This incredible biopic is full of music, dance, and drama so be on the look out for this outstanding production!

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